Rave Reviews for New RealBiz360 Virtual Tour Product

Happy clients give rave reviews—and Mid Florida Regional MLS member and real estate broker Becky Borci of Rotonda Lakes is no exception. As a RealBiz360 subscriber for several years, she glowingly describes the VuVista Virtual Tour product.

"I like how the product enlarges the tours to full-screen with the ability to zoom-in," says Becky. "It’s easy to use."

Prior to using RealBiz360, Becky describes paying $150 or more for a single virtual tour. Today, she says, "I no longer need to hire a professional photographer—saving me thousands of dollars annually." At just $2 per tour or $5 per month for unlimited tours, the savings are significant.

Becy Borci 

According to Becky, customization for the seller is also a major benefit. The tours have larger photos and can be customized to what the seller wants, like voiceovers, background music or CD-ROMs.

The dynamic reporting and site statistics provide valuable feedback. After a recent showing of a home, Becky and the seller were able to anticipate an offer because the number of hits had increased. "The sellers love it," Becky describes. "They see what they are paying for."

When it comes to customer satisfaction, her perception isn’t virtual; it’s real—as in really good.

"The customer service is second-to-none," says Becky. "I would contact the company with my issues or questions. Within a few minutes, I had responses from several members within the organization."

To sum it all up, Becky adds, "RealBiz360 is a top-of-the-line product. I really fell in love with it."

MFR… Strength in Numbers Working for You.


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