IMAPP Property Tax Enhancement Begins May 26th

There is a major change about to happen within MLXchange that will improve the timeliness of the property tax updates.  Beginning Tuesday, May 26, 2009 the current tax data that is provided by MLXchange on the Tax tab will be deactivated and a new interface from iMAPP will be put into place.  Why is this such great news? You’ll be accessing the most up-to-date information as it pertains to property information, ownership and taxes.  (Click Here to Read the rest of this Story). Below is a screenshot of what the new Tax screen will look like in MLXchange:

IMAPP screenshot

Click to Enlarge the Thumbnail

Not only will this change allow you to auto-populate more timely property information using either a Parcel ID or address (now including unit #, if applicable) when entering new listings, it will also provide the capability of producing mailing labels for your farming area and researching lis pendens.  While this change will take a little getting used to, the result will be an overall improvement in both timely information and functionality. 

IMAPP screenshot

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To highlight the changes in the work flow and feel of the Tax functions, we will be conducting webinars and video training sessions to help you adapt quickly to this change.

Click here to view our IMAPP Tax Enhancement Webinars >>


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