Get Reports STAT

On Tuesday, June 16, 2009, IMAPP will introduce a new way to get your MLS stats, STAT! You can view reports with detailed statistics, charts and graphs from the MLS and tax data records.

Within IMAPP, click on the “Residential MLS Stats” icon located on the blue navigation menu found on the Tax Record page. From there you can choose from four different categories: “New vs Sold,” “All Sales,” “Sold Listings” and “Inventory” listings.

IMAPP Stats IMAPP stats

Next, select one of the three different property areas: by “zip code,” by “county” or from the “entire MLS.” In addition, there are three different property types—“single family,” “condos” and “all residential.” The parameters can then be narrowed down to various price ranges and time periods. Based on your selections, your stat report is complete! Generated using active MLS listings, the stats will provide active and sold listing counts, median price and days on market, absorption rate, month’s supply, etc. with visual representations of the data.






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