Got a Waterfront Property? Upload that Photo First!

waterfront house

Did you know that if you have a waterfront property listing you can upload an aerial or water view photograph into the first slot on MLXchange? It’s true, as long as you upload a front exterior view in the second slot. With the abundance of Florida’s natural beauty of lakes, rivers, the bay and the gulf, now you can market those waterfront properties with more prominence.

Originally the Rules & Regulations did require that the lead photo should be a front exterior shot. But the rules have been amended. For your convenience, we have placed an excerpt of this newer rule below:

Article 3.2: Listing Photos. At least one front exterior photo or rendering, aerial photo, or water view from the property (unit) must be loaded before a listing will be active. The front exterior photo or rendering must be entered in the 1st photo slot of the listing on all property types unless the 1st slot is an aerial photo or an exterior photo of a water view from the property (unit), in which case the front exterior photo must be in the 2nd slot. The only exception is vacant land listings which must have a photo or an aerial photo, rendering, site plot or plat map in the listing’s 1st photo slot. Front exterior photos must show a majority of the total home/building and the broker’s yard signage may not be featured in the foreground.


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