Elimination of the Grid Field

Beginning Tuesday, July 7, 2009 the Grid field will be removed from MLXchange. The Grid field has always been a required field when entering listings; however, when searching by grid coordinates, inconsistencies are frequently found due to the lack of a single gridding system used by all boards and associations.

If you have saved searches where the Grid field is part of the search, the search will need to be redefined using another field for the location of the properties. If a search is not updated with a new location parameter (map area, zip code, subdivision, etc.) the search will generate a large number of results and will no longer be accurate for your customers. This will affect both prospecting as well as normal searches. MFR suggests using the map to outline the area(s) desired as you update your saved search as well as create any new searches in the future. If you run into any issues please do not hesitate to contact our top-notch helpdesk and we will walk through the process together!

Thank you for your flexibility as we continue to improve the usability of our system.


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