The MLS Enforcement Process

MFRMLS is focused on member service – and one of the most valuable services we can provide our subscribers is to ensure accurate and current listing content. An MLS is tasked with providing a framework for cooperation and compensation among licensed real estate professionals, the organization adopts bylaws, procedures, rules and regulations aimed at ensuring subscribers can rely on the information in each other’s listings.

We do this through a combination of processes and procedures that include MLXchange software features and “business rules,” an automated database checking system, manual database searches, agent reports, and courtesy notices and fines for violations, if necessary.

Here’s a brief description of some of the steps we use to ensure you have accurate, reliable data:

1. Our ICheck software program automatically compares critical fields in each new listing against a table of acceptable entries based on our current Rules & Regulations and sends an automatic courtesy e-mail notice to those not in compliance.

2. MFR staff regularly searches the active database for those fields ICheck is not designed to process, e.g. inappropriate or missing verbiage in the REALTOR-Only and Public Remarks as well as changes from Active to Pending status that were not made in a timely fashion.

3. Through the MLXchange program, subscribers can alert MFR staff to possible violations. These are reviewed and researched during the workweek and notifications are sent where applicable. Depending on the workload, these reviews may take 5-7 business days.

4. In cases where subscribers or companies experience recurring violations, the Director of Administration personally contacts the broker to discuss and recommend corrective measures.     

While it may be uncomfortable for members to report errors, using the correction reporting feature does help keep the database clean. MFR staff appreciates your understanding if you receive a notice requesting a correction. Please call or email us for assistance.

About MFRMLS: The Mid‐Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service services 15 Realtor associations in 10 counties and has approximately 30,000 members. Homebuyers can log on to to find the most up‐to‐date information on home listings in central and southwest Florida, including open houses, short sales, pre‐foreclosures and foreclosures.


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