IMAPP Updates Begin July 28

IMAPP updated their interface on Tuesday, July 28 to improve searches for comps, year built, lot sizes and parcel ID formats.

1. Adding the following Comparison criteria

  • Add +/- 25% to the Bldg Sq Ft option Comparison
  • Add 1 month and 2 months back to sold date option
  • Add Subdivision Phase/No Phase option in location option

2. Effective Year built will now display when appropriate

3. Total Lot Size in both Square Footage and Acres now displays in Tax Record and on Comps page.

4. Hillsborough Parcel ID Format corrected where it was not consistent.

5. Seminole Zoning Code will now auto-populate into Listing Maintenance

6. Mailing Labels from searches completed in the MLS tab now include three different user-selectable formats.

  • Listing Owner / Listing Address (currently in product)
  • Tax Owner Name / Listing Address (new option)
  • Tax Owner Name / Tax Owner Mailing Address (new option)

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