Instanet is Gold

My Florida Regional MLS is proud to announce another new member service by providing integration between Transaction Desk and your MFR account. This new functionality expands our ever growing arsenal of member based productivity tools. Instanet – maker of TransactionDesk, a premier transaction management solution – offers many time-saving features to improve your productivity. Included in your FAR membership at no additional cost, you probably know it by other names such as "Doc Box," or "Forms Online Gold." Now, with a simple click, you can add a new transaction directly from MLXchange.


What is TransactionDesk?

TransactionDesk is the top document management system in real estate industry, offered to you through your membership with the Florida Association of Realtors. This web-based system contains all the forms and documents necessary to conduct your real estate transactions. With on-line document management and storage, you can access forms and documents through the web. No need to carry paper files with you everywhere you go!

The Transaction Starts Here

The best way to maximize the benefits of TransactionDesk is to use it for your next transaction. Whether you are ready to write your next purchase contract or listing agreement, the forms can auto populate from the MLS (or from the tax rolls through iMapp) saving time and reducing errors. The step-by-step wizards will help you quickly get started.

Through the customer service portal, you can grant access to certain documents. Clients can view the documents, print-out, sign and fax-back to you on a "fax-back" cover page which is automatically created for each transaction. The return fax is then automatically routed to the appropriate transaction file as an Adobe PDF. You will also receive the PDF via email.

Other Time-Saving Features

• AuthentiSign digital signatures lets you securely manage the signing of documents by remote parties.

•Calendars to view appointments, tasks, reminders. Calendars can be shared with other TransactionDesk users.

• Digital archiving of documents that can be copied to CD or DVD.

• View the transaction history of all documents, completions and modifications. All phone, email, and fax activities can also be monitored.

• The contacts database stores commonly used parties, such as agents, brokers and closing attorneys.

• Quickly disseminate request orders to contractors, landscapers and plumbers in the service provider database. Fields are auto populated to save time and ensure accuracy.

• Licensed content integration allows forms and transactions to be auto populated with property listing and sale information.

• One-click listings can be created using the licensed content or tax data.


TransactionDesk is easy to use. Join us for a webinar that will introduce you to how to use Transaction Desk. Get started today!

Click here for the Instanet webinar schedule>>


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