Tap into Social Media with Virtual Tours

MFRMLS partners with RealBiz360 & Announce My Listing

My Florida Regional MLS is proud to announce a new partnership with RealBiz360 and Announce My Listing to help you market your properties at a whole new level. Not only can you access spectacular 360° virtual tours and panoramas, you can now publish them to Facebook through Announce My Listing’s free social media utility. social media

So how does this work?

You probably have already heard of RealBiz360 — the makers of the VuVista Suite virtual tour program with stunning zoom-in technology and high-resolution panoramas. With the RealBiz360 Gold Upgrade subscription of just $5 per month, not only do you receive an unlimited number of virtual tours, you get to promote your listings through two powerful social media marketing tools — Facebook (through Announce My Listing) and YouTube.

Post Listings on Facebook through Announce My Listing

Announce My Listing — powered by AnnounceMyMove.com — is one of MFR’s newest technology partners. Tapping into the viral marketing phenomenon of Facebook, you can publish your RealBiz360 virtual tour to Announce My Listing. A dynamic webpage is created with your property features with a photographic slideshow. Included on the published Announce My Listing page is a Facebook link which will enable you to “share” your listing on Facebook, with just a few easy clicks. Imagine… instead of you posting your listing on Facebook, your customers can be “sharing” the listing as well! That’s the viral marketing component that can accentuate your business. The Announce My Listing service is included at no extra cost with your $5 per month RealBiz360 Gold subscription.

Not signed up yet for RealBiz360?

It’s easy. Simply go to the “Resources” panel on the home page and click on “SmartLink.” Expand the SmartLink and click on the “RealBiz360 Virtual Tour” link.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

RealBiz360, YouTube & You

As a Gold subscriber to RealBiz360 at just $5 per month, you can publish your virtual tours to YouTube. Simply select the check box next to the YouTube logo and the RealBiz360 VuVista Suite will convert your still photos and panoramas to a video with just one click! What a great way to attract not only new listings, but new buyers as well!

So that’s the RealBiz360-Announce My Listing social media connection! Be sure to read about the “Back to School” special, brought to you by RealBiz360 and Announce My Listing.


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