Got Water? MLS Does a Body Good

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Major Enhancements come to Waterfront Properties in MLS

From the St. John’s River to the Gulf of Mexico, and everywhere in between, Florida abounds with many different types of water bodies—lakes, rivers, ponds, bays, canals and more. The rich landscape can attract many interested buyers. Accurate searching for waterfront properties in the MLS, however, can be a daunting task.

Everyone has probably experienced a scenario like this at one time or another. Perhaps you have a client that is interested in a lakefront, but when you show the property you discover that is a man-made retention pond—certainly not as scenic as you may have hoped. A better description in the MLS would make your life easier and help position you as a waterfront expert.

We’re about to make a splash! We invite you to dive in because the water will be fine.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2009, My Florida Regional MLS will make a significant enhancement to the way you display and search for waterfront properties. This is a major upgrade in MLXchange and will affect nearly every listing and will certainly affect saved searches and future listings.

Bodies of Water – New Specific Pick Lists
For new listings, when you select the following water fields, you will be able to choose specific descriptions from their respective pick-list values. For clarification purposes, we’ve included a brief definition following the terms highlighted in boldface type below:

  • Water Frontage – describes the body of water type touched by the property
  • Water Access – describes the type of deeded water access available by the property
  • Water View – describes the available view of the body of water by water type (gulf, lake, bay, etc.)
  • Water Extras – to identify extra water-related features (i.e. boat ramp, seawall, waterskiing allowed, etc.)
  • Water Name – to enter the formal name of the body of water (when #1, 2 or 3 are selected)
  • Waterfront Feet – to enter the linear feet of the waterfront for the property (when #1 is selected)

Click here to view the pick list values for the above fields>>
Click here to view the Water Definitions>> (PDF)

Before and After – How Will You Be Affected with these Seas of Change?
As these new Water Fields take effect, we will help you navigate through the changes. This next link below will connect you with the "Then & Now" document, which will indicate how the listings will be remapped in the new field.

Click here to view the "Then & Now" Water Field Remapping document>>

Eliminated Fields – Please note that some fields will not be remapped, either because we are unable to determine the accurate option for your listing and will require each agent pick the appropriate selection, or because the option is being replaced with a more descriptive value. If you have any of the following fields selected in your listings, please check against this short list and adjust your listings prior to October 13th:

  • Boat Slip
  • Canal Access
  • Concrete Dock
  • Gulf to Bay

Saved Searches – Saved searches will be automatically updated to reflect the new water field options so your clients receive the correct information. However, searches with fields that are no longer mapped will need to be manually updated. After the change takes place on October 13th, please double check all of your listings and saved searches for accuracy.

Surf’s Up
Just as a rising tide can raise all ships, we are optimistic that these changes will dramatically improve the way you market and search for waterfront properties. We are sensitive to the fact that it could come with some inconvenience to you while you become familiar with the new fields. If you experience any technical issues, need support or have any questions, please feel free to call our friendly Help Desk Technicians seven days of the week at (407) 218-8607 or (800) 686-7451. We are also available by email at Prefer to chat online with a technician? You can access our live chat at

Thank you as we improve our MLS for you and all users. Let’s ride this wave!

(Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post stated September 29, 2009 as the date of implementation. The date of production has been changed October 13, 2009.)


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