Unlicensed Assistants to be Billed

Earlier this year MFR analyzed the actual cost to provide MLS services to more than 2,000 unlicensed personal assistants and office staff employed by our brokers and subscribers.

Since its inception MFR has charged only an initial $50 account set up fee for assistants. Ongoing costs for training, tracking and maintaining user accounts, plus delivering full administrative and help desk technical support have been absorbed by MFR.

Assistant Photo

Our analysis clearly showed that MFR needed to begin recouping a portion of these ongoing costs. Therefore, your MFR Board of directors has instituted a nominal $37.50 semi-annual fee to be billed in September and March of each year. And, since our local associations also service these accounts, the MFR Board also authorized the option for your Local Service Center to add a LSC Assistant fee which will be included with MFR’s billing. 

On September 25th, all unlicensed assistants registered in MLXchange will be invoiced.  A personalized email was recently sent to all brokers to make them aware of the upcoming bill. The bills will be posted online and can be paid under either the broker’s or individual assistant’s account. Brokers may view their assistant’s invoice(s) by clicking on "Company Services" within MFR’s Online Payment Center. Payments will be due by October 31st and can be made online here.

You may click on the following link for the new assistant policy:

http://www.mfrmls.com/uploads/Assistant_Policy.pdf >> (PDF)

For any questions regarding this policy or your account, feel free to contact the MFR Administration Department at (407) 218-8668 or (407) 218-8661.

Thank you for your continued support in My Florida Regional MLS.


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