Just The Fax, Ma’am

MongoFax converts paper faxes to PDFs

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We’ve all seen it, faxes that are sent multiple times to the point when they are become unreadable. Not only can they reduce productivity and give an unprofessional appearance, they can quite literally cause mistakes. Think about it; a fax-of-a-fax could quite possibly clog up a number "3" in a potential offer and make it appear as a number "8." Doesn’t exactly sound like a lot of fun clearing up this misunderstanding.

All kidding aside, MongoFax has the answer — PDF scanning from ordinary fax machines. Within seconds, your documents are sent to any email address in the world. Best of all, MongoFax is completely free with your MFRMLS membership — a savings of $.25 per page as per the MongoScan website.

Here’s how it works

First, download and save the MongoFax Coversheet to an easy-to-remember place on your computer. Open up the document and type in the email address of the person to whom you are faxing. Second, print it out. Third, fax the documents to the dedicated MongoFax toll-free number at the bottom of the coversheet. Within moments, the documents arrive to all email addresses as a PDF attachment. It’s that easy! TIP — If the email address of your intended recipient is too long to fit in the boxes, you can print the blank MongoFax Coversheet and hand write in the email addresses before sending the documents. 

MongoFax Illustration


At MFRMLS, we’re watching the growth of MongoFax usage. With more than 77,000 transactions and 1,000 new users per month, it can be a valuable tool. Here are a few testimonials from some of our top MongoFax users:

"MongoFax is the best. I use this 5 to 10 times a day. All my corporate customers require a PDF file and MongoFax works the best for me. I also have other Realtors MongoFax their offers to me, it works better! In fact, If I did not have this product, I would be lost!"
— Jeff B., Deland

"I use the Mongofax primarily in place of a scanner. If I need to send an email to someone with an attachment, I simply fax the email to my email address, upload it and then send an email with the attachment. It works great in place of a scanner if you do not have one at your location. I probably use the MongoFax 20 times a week. Love it!"
— Pam F., Orlando

"LOVE IT!  I use it countless times a day.  I like that it can send large files without tying up my email server and that the attachments come over as a PDF file which is very easy for the end user to open and access."
— Bette B., Orlando

Try it out!

MongoFax is quick and easy to use; and the cost is included with your MFRMLS membership. To get started, simply download the MongoFax Cover Sheet below. Try it out today!

Click here for your MongoFax Cover Sheet


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