Activating Your Blue Dasher Virtual Signs

In the Blue Dasher article we announced the launching of our newest product — Dasher Virtual Drive. You’ve read the article and now you’re interested in the program and would like to find out more. The purpose of this article is to show you how to activate your virtual yard signs.


Blue Dasher virtual yard sign video. (:30)


To advertise with your signs from the homepage of MLXchange, click on "Blue Dasher" in the Smart Links section and then click on "Manage Subscription." This will open a Blue Dasher subscription window where you will be able to click on the "advertise property" icon to the right of the listing you would like to advertise.

You will be directed to "set the landing page." For instructions on setting the landing page you may reference our Help Page by clicking on the "Instructions" link from the MLXchange home page or by clicking on "view this demo" from within the landing page tool.

Once you have set your landing page and clicked on "save the image" you will be redirected back to the Management page. Your listing will now be active and the listing button will be marked.

active buttons

You may also click the "Listing Advertising Package" icon from the Dasher Virtual Drive dashboard as indicated by the red arrow in the illustration below.

Blue Dasher Virtual Dashboard


Webinars: Click here to view our Blue Dasher webinar schedule>>

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