Keepin’ House: Status, Photos and Attachments

In this December installment of Keepin’ House, we will focus on three topicslisting status, the use of other agent’s property photos, and the rules about using listing attachments.

The Status Quo
Do you have an accurate status on your listings? With the end of 2009 just a few short weeks away, please make sure that your listings reflect the correct status. As we compile our end-of-the-year MLS statistics, we need your help for an accurate result. It’s especially important to give credit to the buyer’s agent ("selling agent" in MLXchange) as many agents and brokers rely on the statistics to measure their success for the year.

Photo Rules
Did you know that it is a copyright infringement to use another agent’s property photos, virtual tours or other renderings? That’s not all; you could be subject to a violation and a fine per MLS rules (Article 3.2-A). Please be sure to use your own photos, unless you have specific written permission from the copyright owner of the photos.

What’s in that Attachment?
Did you know that any and all attachments for all MLXchange listings must be consistent with our rules and regulations (Article 4.1-1F)? If you have questions or concerns about any of your attachments, please feel free to contact our helpful Member Service Professionals at (407) 218-8607 or (800) 686-7451. Select "Option 3" for the MLS Administration Department .</p


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