DocBox2Go is Ready4U

Instanet Provides Another Powerful Solution

Instanet Solutions, the makers of DocBox, TransactionDesk and Forms Online Gold, has done it again! They have created DocBox2Go—making it possible to access your paperless files anytime, anywhere.

Through the mobile web browser on virtually any Smartphone, you can access all of your transaction folders, contacts, forms and documents. There’s no need to drive back to the office to access your files—allowing you to save time and money. Simply open a file in DocBox2Go and email or fax it right from your phone.

Available at no extra charge, you can go paperless and mobile. It’s even possible to upgrade to your own vanity fax number.

To learn more and get started, click on the links below to view the DocBox2Go User Guide, download flyers or to view a recorded webinar. The webinar will show you the features and benefits of the product. You will also need to learn how to set-up a password from your Smartphone to access DocBox2Go which is shown in the webinar and User Guide.


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