MLXchange Now Allows 5+ Car Garage, RVs

We’ve expanded the choices in the Garage/Carport field to 5+ in MLXchange. Effective Tuesday, March 2, 2010, this field offers better detail and improved searching.

Here are the additional choices:

  • 3 Car Garage
  • 3 Car Carport    
  • 4 Car Garage 
  • 4 Car Carport
  • 5+ Car Garage
  • 5+ Car Carport
  • RV Garage
  • RV Carport

Previously, the field was limited to 3+ car garage or 3+ carport. With the new choices it is recommended that you review and change any listings and/or prospecting searches that have 3+ garage or 3+carport selected.

Eventually, the existing 3+ garage/carport selection will be phased out. Beginning March 2nd, while maintaining a listing, a pop-up window will appear when accessing the Garage/Carport field:

“Please choose the appropriate selection, 3+ Carport and 3+ Garage are being phased out.  3+ will be removed from Listing Maintenance and Search three months after implementation of this change.”

Additionally, a new self-explanatory field called “Garage Dimensions” permits entering up to five characters; i.e. “25×60.” This new field was incorporated with the 5+ Car Garage changes on March 2nd.

As with any changes to MLXchange, it is recommended that you check your listings for accuracy. Of course, we ask that you update all listings with 3 or more garage or carport bays. If you have any questions or difficulties with these changes, please contact our Help Desk at 407-218-8607 or 800-686-7451. (Select “Option One” to be connected to the Help Desk.)


One Response to MLXchange Now Allows 5+ Car Garage, RVs

  1. Kim says:

    What would it cost to build a 5 car carport?
    Thanks, Kim

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