Training Tip: Searching for Waterfront Properties

Having difficulty searching for waterfront properties? Here’s a handy tip from our training team.

Several months ago MFRMLS changed the way agents identify attributes of waterfront or water access properties. Many folks are struggling so we wanted to lend a hand and provide some tips for you. First, let’s talk about entry of the listings—we all know good search results begins with good data entry.

When entering your waterfront properties you have several choices. The first of which is “Water Access Y/N.” This field should be used only when the subject property has deeded access to one or more of the water types showing in the pick list choices after choosing “Yes.”

The next choice will be: “Water Frontage Y/N.” This field should be used only when the subject property touches water. If “yes” is selected, the next choice in the pick list will be “Water View.” “Water View = Yes” should only be selected if the subject property has a view of water. If you have chosen “Water Frontage = Yes” and selected the appropriate type of frontage, you can then enter the physical attributes in the “Water Extras” field. This field is used to describe in more detail things such as boat docks, lifts, etc. Definitions for all of the water choices can be found at

When you are searching for waterfront, water access or water view properties for your buyers these definitions may be of help. Let’s say for instance you are searching for a waterfront property with a dock for Mr. Buyer. On your search template, enter the requirements for price, location etc.; then go to the water frontage field and choose which types of water front property are acceptable; finally go to the water extras field and choose the applicable physical attributes—in this case “dock slip deeded on site.”

Keep in mind the search results will be dependent on the choices entered by the listing agent.


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