Email Attachments Too Big? MongoFax It!

Big spaces are big sellers in the real estate business. However, this is not the case when trying to send emails with large attachment sizes. Most email accounts allow a maximum size of 5 MB for attachments—or 5120 KB. Since the typical 5-page Seller’s Disclosure can be as large as 4359 KB, there leaves little room for additional attachments and lots of probability that the email will be undeliverable.

The creative minds at the MFR Help Desk have improvised a viable workaround. By faxing that same Seller Disclosure through MongoFax, that 5120 KB PDF can be compressed to a tiny 451 KB—leaving you plenty of room for other attachments!

How is this accomplished? By simply faxing the document to your own email account, but you’ll need to instruct it to remove the MongoFax coverpage prior to the delivery of the final PDF to your email inbox.

To send a fax without the MongoFax coverpage attached to the final PDF upon delivery, simply add the following email address into the CC: field of the coverpage:

MongoFax is another MFR subscriber benefit available at no extra cost.

Try it today! Go Mongo!


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